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girly fun

The paper from this shoot is so girly and fun. I love it! The paper is by Southern Fete.

Picture 1

Picture 2


July 30, 2010   1 Comment


We have been wanting to get some FLOR tiles to replace the rug in the kitchen… I am really liking the idea of creating a custom design by cutting them in half.



July 28, 2010   1 Comment


One day we will have a huge back yard and we will have patio furniture like this.

style me pretty


July 27, 2010   2 Comments


I could go for some of this right about now… Summer Corn Soup with Shrimp from Sprouted Kitchen.

sprouted kitchen

July 26, 2010   3 Comments

keep cool

Keep cool this weekend!




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I want stripes. Bad.

from portland


July 22, 2010   10 Comments

Leisure League

A little while back my friend Matthew Morgan posted some pictures on Facebook that he had shot at The Muck of his friends playing at Leisure League. It looked like such a good time I asked him if I could repost them here. Basically the Leisure League happens about once a month and includes bands, picnics and bocce ball… sounds like a winning combination to me! Matt’s gorgeous images make it all the better.  The Live Oak Revue played as well as Nicole Vaughn.

leisureleague_FB_26 copy leisureleague_FB_27 copy

leisureleague_FB_23 copy




leisureleague_FB_18 leisureleague_FB_11


leisureleague_FB_08 leisureleague_FB_09

All photos by Matthew Morgan.

July 21, 2010   1 Comment

The facts



I am 13 weeks along today. Goodbye first trimester, hello second!

I survived the first trimester without getting sick once (I think it is genetic). 3 main symptoms so far have been fatigue, hunger and an annoying case of constantly breaking out. So much for that pregnancy glow!

We have been able to hear the heartbeat twice (once at 7 weeks and once at 12). It was amazing. Also at 7 weeks we got to see the little babe so we know that there is only one in there (whew).

Growing a baby is really freaky when you think about it. It is also really awesome.

We will most definitely be finding out the gender (8 more weeks to go!).

I already splurged on a pair of brand name maternity jeans. Worth every penny.

This blog will continue to be about design, homes, weddings and babies. There may be the occasional personal experience post… not sure yet. Also, I am trying to get the hubs on board with doing a belly series, but he doesn’t seem to excited. I might have to resort to taking pictures of myself in the mirror…

I think that about covers it…

Holy moly I am having a baby!

July 20, 2010   9 Comments

anniversary and addition

One year ago today Bryan and I walked out of church as man and wife.


Today we walked out of that same church and said hello to the priest who married us. Bryan then asked him if he could say a blessing over me, to bless our little growing baby. He did. It was a good day.

Baby Harney will be here late January, 2011. Yaaaaaaaaaay!

P.S. Yes, you girls were right. I was trying to be sneaky but now I don’t have to be. Bring on the baby posts!

July 18, 2010   22 Comments

mix and match

Mix and match J. Crew bridesmaids… I’m in love.

gabriel ryan




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