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Toy Area

We spend a lot of time in the main room of our home. It is a large living/dining area that opens into the kitchen with large windows that overlook the ocean. We can’t complain. Yet spending a lot of time there means that a lot of Declan’s toys live or end up out there which made for a constant mess. We finally did something about it a few weeks back and gave Declan his own play area by moving the couches up a bit and putting his trucks and toys behind them, creating a separate seating area from the play area. Not only does the IKEA storage system¬†we purchased keep all of his toys hidden, it also helps him keep things clean up by having specific bins for specific types of toys. Trucks, kitchen stuff, legos, musical instruments, dress up, coloring… they all have a home. While toys still make it to the front half of the room it is 100 times better than before. We might even buy a second storage system and use shelves instead of bins to fit his growing Playmobil collection.


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