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18 months

18 months

Declan is turning into such a little boy! My baby is definitely all grown up and is a total toddler now. So here is a little run down on who this guy is and what life is like now at 18 months.

Eating: His palette has definitely improved, but still has a long way to go. He is eating more whole fruits now (watermelon is his favorite new dessert) and once in a while he will eat meat, which is great because he needs a new protein source! Yogurt, milk, cheese, pancakes, muffins, peanut butter and scrambled eggs are still go-to favorites.

Sleeping: While still not great, his sleeping habits have gotten better. We are down to one nap a day which will last 1 1/2 – 2 hours most days (hooray for getting to sit down without feeling guilty!). Nighttime is hit or miss. The last few weeks we have had more 7:30-6:00 nights which is really nice, but in the last few days he has woken up within a few hours of going down needing to be rocked back to sleep. We take what we can get.

Moving: Oh boy. This kid is on the go. Constantly running, trying to hop, and more recently jumping off his little picnic table bench (believed to be Olympics inspired). He has equipment for pretty much every sport and loves them all. He loves to run away from Bryan and I, and will often run without looking, resulting in lots of bangs and bruises.

Talking: Declan has so many words! My favorites are meeeeeeese and mama (of course).

Loving: His new basketball hoop and ball, bubbles, sesame street (melmo and cookie are his favorite).

Hating: Being told no when he wants something. He has started stomping his feet and whining/crying… no fun!

Size: 26 pounds (60%) 32 inches (45%). The poor kid has wide feet right now, which means that the only shoes that fit him properly are New Balance and Stride Rite. We bought him a pair of Native shoes which we loved, but they were just a little too tight  so we can’t put them on him anymore. The rainbows (in the picture) are cute and fit his feet but aren’t good for running toddlers.

This little dude has stolen my heart. Bryan and I are lightly discussing baby #2 and it really is hard to imagine sharing the love, I am just not sure how my heart will be able to hold it all in! We have some time to figure that out, and until then I will pour everything I have into my little guy.

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Month 12


Oh man. A year old. How did that happen? What a year it has been! I try to be real here, real about the pain, real about motherhood. The journey is different for everyone and for me it was difficult in the beginning. I was happy when the first few months were over. Each stage has been a little easier, although right now he is discovering that he has an opinion and that he can voice it in the form of screams… and I am happy to see the previous stage fade away. It’s kind of strange, but I can not wait until he is five. For some reason I really want to see him at five. Not four, not six, but five. I imagine his face at five, his words, his ideas, his passions. What will he like to do? What will be his favorite color? Will he want to play sports? Will he indulge me while I craft Star Wars valentine’s with him? I am sure we will be there in no time at all.

But back to month twelve. Here are the stats:

– He is holding steady at 45% in the weight department. He feels so heavy, but is only about 22 pounds.

– He is walking everywhere, and loves to walk on his own. Although not always in the same direction I am going. Walking has brought on more bruises, cuts and scrapes, and it is sad to think that his once perfectly new skin has been cut open already.

– He is not sleeping the 10-12 hours the pediatrician says he should be sleeping at night. Most nights he goes down around 7:30, wakes up between 12:30 and 2:30 and then is brought into bed with us where he falls back asleep after a quick nurse. He will sleep until 7:30 or 8 or so, when Bryan gets up to get ready for work. I used to nurse him and put him back in the crib, but honestly I like the cuddle time. Being away from him all day is really hard and having him close to me at night just feels better. He was spoiled when he was younger and we are definitely paying for that now. We just never felt right ‘training’ him. The last year has been mostly us following his lead in the sleep department and while it might not be pediatrician approved, it is what works for us. Oh, and naps are about 50 minutes each, and we are at 1-2 each day.

– His favorite foods right now are guacamole, deli turkey meat, shredded cheese, strawberries, corn, blueberry whole wheat waffles, Joe’s O’s, rice cereal, lentils and fruit squeezers. He nurses in the morning with me, takes two bottles during the day and then nurses to sleep. Sometimes I nurse him after I pick him up from daycare. He makes it very obvious when he wants to nurse and who am I to say no. The pediatrician recommended that we move him to whole milk during the day, while still nursing in the morning/night. His dairy sensitivity seems to be gone, which is good, but he hasn’t really taken to the milk yet. I don’t mind pumping for a little while longer so we will see how the transition goes.

– His words so far consist of uh-oh and baa, which he uses for everything from a ball to the vacuum. No mama yet, although I can get him to sing mamamamama which is getting close!

– He has 7 teeth with the 8th taking for-ev-er to come in. I swear he has been teething with that one tooth for a month.

– Our schedules changed so now Bryan takes Declan to daycare and I pick him up. It became necessary to have two car seats (as opposed to one seat with two bases) so we got the Britax Boulevard for my car. We hoped that the bigger seat would change his hatred for the car seat. Nope. He may in fact hate it more. Fun times.

He is my joy and my love. Yes, it is hard, but it is amazing. My heart is outside of my body, all I want is for him to be safe and happy always. Stories of babies or children who are hurt or killed are almost too much for me to listen to. Birth stories bring me to tears. Becoming a mother has forever changed me. I pray every day that I won’t screw it up.







Happy twelve months, buddy!

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One year ago I did the hardest thing I had ever done. I felt pain that I had never felt before. I pushed myself to where I had only hoped I could go. And at 4:51 in the afternoon it was all made worth it when this little man came into the world. I would do it over and over again if it meant getting the joy of living with this little chunk of love each day. Happy birthday, Declan. It brings me more joy, love and peace to be called your mother than you will ever know.

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Months 10 and 11

10 months

(10 months, taken in New Jersey while getting dressed for a day in the city! This was the first layer.)

11 month

– Sleep: Still in his crib, with one wakeup a night, ranging anytime between 11 and 2:30. Then he wakes up around 5:00 and I bring him into our bed, nurse him and he falls back asleep for another hour or two. Although in the last week he has woken up every night 30 minutes after I put him down. It takes about ten minutes to get him back asleep and then we are back to the regular schedule. Not sure if this has to do with teething, but I am hoping it will end soon!

– Teeth: Six fully in, with a new one popping up on the bottom.

– Food: He has become quite the picky eater!! He loves to feed himself but is really picky about textures, so banana, avocado, apple… basically anything that isn’t dry he won’t put in his mouth. Which means he eats a lot of Joe’s O’s! His other favorite are the blueberry waffles from Trader Joes. I just pop it in the toaster and he will eat the entire thing. He will eat pureed veggies once in a while, and will only eat pureed fruit from a pouch, and barely even then.

– Milk: I am still breastfeeding, and feel very blessed to have made it this far and for it to still be so easy. I feed him once in the morning right when he wakes up, he takes two bottle during the day (I pump at work) and then I nurse him to sleep. I have always said that at a year we would switch over to milk but I have a feeling the weaning will go into his first year, especially with his sensitivity to dairy.

– Movement: We got up to about five steps this weekend! He is being super cautious about it and will sit down before he falls down. I am thinking he will be there by his first birthday.

We celebrated Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas morning at our home and it was incredibly nice to have the four day weekend to enjoy the time with our family. Declan was more into eating the paper than his gifts, but we had fun opening all of his presents!

christmas 2011 family-040blog

christmas 2011 family-055blog

christmas 2011 family-013

We finally moved the sewing table out of his room and now he has the run of the place. It is so nice having an entire room that we know he can just enjoy, rather than constantly saying ‘no’ when he tries to pull out my fabric or plays with the sewing machine peddle!

I can’t believe that it has almost been a year since Declan joined our little family. It feels like just yesterday we were driving to the hospital, and at the same time it feels like he has always been here. I am looking forward to month 12 and all that 2012 will bring!

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Month 9

month 9-0011

Month 9 was full of changes in these parts.

– A certain baby is sleeping in his crib at night! He isn’t sleeping through the night and every night is a different waking pattern, but we can put him down around 7:30 and know that he will be asleep at least until about 11:30. This has been a life changer. I put him down and can wash dishes, do laundry, blog, or just veg on the couch for a bit! It is very nice to have time to myself again. Next step is to move the sewing machine out of the nursery, as I now have time to sew but can’t because it’s in his room!

-The teeth count is four fully in (two top and two bottom) with one more that just broke through on top and I think one or two more making their way up on the bottom.

– We had our first allergy scare this month. Declan had always been sensitive to dairy, but he is older now so I started to reintroduce it to my system in the form of vanilla latte’s. Right around that time I gave him some scrambled egg off my plate. The day of the egg and the entire next week his face had a red rash on it. I switched back to iced coffee and the rash is gone. I am not sure if it was the milk or the egg (babies under a year old aren’t supposed to have egg whites..oops) so now we are kind of tip toeing around, praying he won’t have severe egg OR milk allergies, becuase those don’t sound fun at all.

– For the most part day-care drop offs are now without tears! Woohoo! (More so for Bryan, since he drops him off).

– Lots of standing and walking along couches and chairs and tables and anything else chest-high.

– No words yet, just lots of G’s, D’s and C’s.

– We have started giving him a lot more finger foods (peas, corn, chicken) which he loves! He is still taking three bottles while I am at work (I am still breastfeeding and pumping while at work) and the pediatrician says it’s time for us to switch him to two bottles and substitute the third with a meal.

– He will do the ‘touchdown’ sign on command.

month 9-009

month 9-010

– As you can tell from the picture above, it is becoming more and more impossible to keep this kid still! Bryan was trying to keep him smiling and laying while I took the pictures but he was still rolling around. He loves moving around, checking out everything he isn’t supposed to touch, chasing the cats and just overall keeping us on our toes. I am not looking forward to when he starts to walk!

I have to point out Declan’s outfit this time. Bryan’s nickname when he was little was Bronco Buster and while I was pregnant I found these little vintage overall’s with the words Bronco Buster on the waist! They just now fit and were so cute on him!!

month 9-006month 9-005month 9-007

Overall 9 months has been so much fun. Month 10 will bring his first plane ride, his Christening and his first Thanksgiving! I can’t wait!

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Month 8

Well that was an unexpected break. Lots going on over here which means not much time for sitting at the computer. And even though we are only one week from Declan being nine months old (say whaaaat) I wanted to get this post in even though it will be a short one.

8 months-0032

I am trying to remember what happened last month as opposed to the last 3 weeks… It seems like things change every day so it is hard to say when something happened. I can say that month 8 brought another cold from daycare and teething (top two). It was filled with lots of veggie purees, while still not many fruit. Crawling and more crawling, and pulling up on things. We considered removing the coffee table due to the numerous spills but never got around to it. We signed another year lease for our place, which will be a first for us as we have moved twice in the last three years. And that is all that I can say for sure happened in month 8. A lot has change din the last three weeks so next week I will have that update!  I will also have a few more product reviews (non-sponsored)  with some essential-to-us baby products and maybe a few crafting posts. Stay tuned!

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month 7

month 7-0011

This month has been full of ups and downs. This month he:

– Began day care 3 days a week. He still cries when Bryan drops him off, but once he gets past his first nap he seems to do okay.

– Got his first cold. He made it through two weeks before the day care cold began. A runny nose and fever turned into a runny nose and cough. I took him to the doctor and we were told to wait it out. He now just has a cough and is back in day care (he was too sick to go all last week) so I am hoping he doesn’t get a new illness right on the heels of this one.

– While sick he nursed a lot more and ate less of his purees so we didn’t make many advances in food this month. He still doesn’t like fruit purees, although we have found that he likes Watermelon and peaches if we put it in his mesh feeder. He has also gotten really good at eating his puffs and loves to jam the baby mum mums in his mouth!

– Transitioning to his crib wasn’t really working, and then with him getting sick we just kept him in the bed. We keep talking about getting him in his crib but are hesitant to go the Cry It Out route. He doesn’t really know how to self soothe (although he can do it as we have seen it) which is the main problem. We know that this is because of the choices we have made along the way (bringing him into our bed in the first place, letting him nap on us, etc.) so we are just trying to feel out the best way to make the transition. While we have enjoyed having him in our bed, we know that he needs to be able to self soothe and to sleep longer periods of time. We are ready to put him to bed at 7 or 8 and have a few hours of us time. Whether that is spent blogging, reading, watching TV or just catching up on laundry, that extra few hours would be wonderful!

– We booked our trip back east! I am excited to go back (it has been a few years) and to be in New York again. We will have him christened and then have Thanksgiving with my in-laws, it should be fun! We booked a non-stop flight through Jet Blue which I hope will go smoothly. My youngest sister is flying out with us (she is his God Mother) so it will help to have an extra person, not to mention a whole side row of seats, to keep him busy!

– Crawling has been mastered. He is now pulling up on everything and letting go with one hand. He can’t quite catch the cats yet but he is getting there!

month 7-002

month 7-003

month 7-004

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month 6

6 months-001.1

This month my little munchkin:

-Mastered sitting up

-Learned to crawl

-Started pulling up on things, which caused the lowering of the crib mattress and the playpen mattress. Baby-proofing has begun.

-We have now worked up to quite a lot of foods. Likes: peas, zucchini, sweet potatoes, carrots and cereal. Dislikes: Any fruit (including pears, peaches, bananas and avocado).

– We are slowly transitioning to the crib. Slowly.

This month will bring day care three days a week. I think I can, I think I can! I got a promotion at work this month and right after thinking “yay! A promotion!!” I thought “I still wish I could be home with my boy…” As you can tell I am still getting over the fact that I am a working mother. I am blessed to have a wonderful job and the best options available regarding who takes care of my son. And it is those two things that keep me going!

We are beginning to plan a trip back east this fall for Declan’s christening. I am going to have to go back through all of my favorite bloggers tip on traveling with a child. Declan will be about 10 months and being on a plane for 5-6 hours with him in my lap does not sounds all that exciting… Also on my to-do list: find him something to be christened in! Any Catholic moms (or dads!) out there? I am sure we don’t do the white dress on boys thing anymore (or do we?!) but at 10 months old what would you put him in?

Happy half birthday buddy! Now I am off to cover up some more outlets…


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5 months

A little late, but happy month 5!

month 5-0011

I have limited time while the little guy naps so here are some 5 month stats!

– Declan is getting to be a little mover! He is up on all fours and can move his knees forward but hasn’t quite picked up the concept of moving his hands.



– We have 2 bottom teeth popping through! The only real ‘teething’ symptoms we noticed were loose stools for a few weeks before the teeth broke through, and a whole lot of chewing on things.

– We started rice cereal this month and each feeding gets a little better. I am pretty sure the first few feedings he didn’t swallow a single bite! We let him taste sweet potatoes last night and he was definitely confused as to what was going on. (I am still hoping to make my own baby food, but this time we went with Earth’s Best jarred sweet potatoes. I need to do a big cooking day next weekend I think and just freeze it all.)




– Declan is still only taking cat naps during the day lasting 30-50 minutes in his crib/playpen. He is still sleeping in our bed at night but we are thinking about trying to transition him to his crib in the next month or so. Working full time and waking up multiple times a night is starting to wear on me. He was doing better, only waking to feed about once, and then waking and then falling back asleep twice, but this past week he has been waking every two hours and won’t fall back asleep until I nurse him. But I am pretty sure that has to do with the next point.


– I recently started adding dairy back into my diet. And while he doesn’t get painfully gassy anymore, he definitely farts a lot more and wakes more often at night. Time to cut back again.

– I am still exclusively breastfeeding but I think we may need to supplement with a bottle of formula during the day. I am pumping 4 times a day at work but only getting about three 4-ounce bottles and maybe an extra ounce or two. Declan is getting more and more hungry as he gets older though so I am thinking an extra bottle of formula while I’m at work might help out. If he takes it that is.

– He is still watched by both my husband and my mom during the week while I am at work. I am so blessed to have him in such loving hands!!  In the fall he will start daycare at the private school that Bryan works at. It will be hard having him be watched by ‘strangers’ but I know that they will take great care of him and best of all Bryan will be on campus and can go see him  whenever he wants! (Read: can go take pictures of him smiling to send to me at work to calm my little mama heart!).

– What else what else…  He is just such a little munchkin. I want more than anything to be home with him everyday, showing him the world, teaching him how to be the best that he can be and maybe one day in the future that will be a possibility. For now, I can rest easy knowing that he is in good hands. And oops, there goes my thirty minutes and he is waking up… right on cue.

Happy 5 months!!!

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4 months

Okay, this has been my favorite month so far.

4 months-001.1

This little dude can now roll over from his back to his belly. Although, like Zoolander, he can’t turn left, yet. Jumping is his absolute favorite, and just today we bought this jumperoo which he seems to be enjoying. He loves to grab his feet, along with anything else within reach. I am constantly getting my neck, hair, ears, arms and fingers grabbed and put into his mouth. He loves to chew on things and to drool all over the lucky person holding him.

4 months-002.1

I am still off dairy and soy. I am not as strict with my diet as I should be, which means that although he isn’t painfully gassy at night, he still gets uncomfortable. He is sleeping in our bed so when we starts to wake up due to discomfort/hunger (usually every 3 hours) I feed him and he goes right back to sleep. We hope to transition him to his crib once he is able to sleep for 4-5 hour stretches. But to be honest, I like the extra snuggle time, especially since I am back to work full time!

He is still exclusively breastfed, and I am pumping about 4 times a day during the week. I feed him at 7 am before I leave for work, he takes 3 – 3.5 bottles during the day (a full bottle is 4 ounces for him right now) and then I feed him at 5:30 pm and then again at 8:30 pm and then bed time for us all. Pumping still kind of sucks, but it is worth it to be able to keep him on breast milk. We started using these Breastflow bottles which he seems to really like. They are made especially for babies who are breastfed and bottle fed.

We just watched The Business of Being Born on Netflix yesterday. If you are pregnant I highly recommend it. Every woman should know her choices when it comes to birth, no matter which kind you eventually choose. I am happy how my birth went, and would be happy birthing at the hospital again next time, but I am thinking that a birth center might be the way to go. I have a few years before making that decision though.

What else… we have his 4 month check up on Friday and I an’t wait to see how much he weighs! He seems like such a chunk to me.  I can’t help but to compare him to other babies and he always seems bigger… but he is right on track with his 3-6 clothes. We’ll see.

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