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Month six

We are getting the that perfect baby age. The one where they can sit in a high chair, in a Target cart, in a jumper, on the floor. Where they can crawl to their toy of choice (ahem, anything that belongs to big brother) and chew away at it to their hearts content. Where they interact and laugh and smile and by now you know what (most all) of the cries mean. I love this age and hope it doesn’t go by too quickly (it will).

December 7, 2013   3 Comments

Week by week

And just like that, my baby is almost 12 weeks old and I start back at work on Tuesday. Cue the nervous tummy-tears-school lunch and outfit planning-anxiousness-excitment-let’s just do this already feelings. I feel slightly better about Isla going to daycare than I did with Declan, which is saying a lot because he didn’t start until he was six months old. Busted out the pump this week… man I did NOT miss that thing. Bryan walked in on me using it the other night and lets just say he turned on those heels preeeetty quickly.

Anyways, I have been pretty good about getting these done each week, with only one or so missing. And I think it’s funny that she is in basically the same outfit for three of them. Totally unplanned. Little lady is growing up so quickly! Part of me wants to freeze time, but the other part is excited for all of the next stages, because it really does get better with each new stage.

While I do have these photos on my actual camera, these are from my iPhone, edited with PicTapGo and A Beautiful Mess and uploaded to my Instagram.

(I wish I would have bought these leggings from Cotton On Kids in every size. They were my favorite!!)

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Isla Erdene Harney

Isla (pronounced Eye-La) Erdene (a family middle name that she shares with me, my mom and my grandmother).

A little birth story, for those interested. I still love reading birth stories, they are just so powerful and moving! Her birth was completely different than her brothers. The only similarities were the hospital and my dream team of Bryan and my doula, Courtney.

Baby sister was late. At my 41 week appointment my doctor sent me in for a Non Stress Test and fluid check, just to make sure the baby was still doing good. I passed the fluid check with flying colors. I walked into the Non Stress Test knowing that if they didn’t like what they saw/heard, they could induce me that day. Since I wanted another drug free birth, this was not something I wanted to happen. If the baby wasn’t stressed, I sure was! I sat there for 45 minutes or so, with a big belt on my stomach to track her heartbeat. They wanted to make sure that her heart rate did not fall during contractions. Of course during my first contraction the belt moved and they lost the heart beat completely. Ha! A blank section on a heartbeat track sheet is not a good thing when you are trying to convince the doctor to let you stay pregnant. The nurse mentioned not letting me leave if the doctor didn’t like what he saw on the chart (she was only half joking) but luckily came back and gave me the okay to go. This was on a Tuesday, at exactly 41 weeks. I was instructed to come back Friday morning for a repeat of both tests. The thought of being medically induced had me calling Courtney to see what she recommended.

Since Declan’s birth Courtney had become a certified midwife (yay Courtney!!) so she offered to help naturally speed things along with hopes that baby girl would come on her own, but before Friday! She recommended I come to her office for a back alignment with a chiropractor who specializes in that sort of thing, along with swiping my membranes. I was already 2-3 cm dilated and about 75% effaced so my body had already started things a bit. According to Courtney, this combination of methods had a very good track record with starting labor, and that I should be in labor within 24 hours. Which was good because that’s about how long I had before the next round of tests.

By 7:00 pm we knew that I was really in labor, by 10:00 Courtney had arrived, coffee in hand and by 10:45 we were saying goodbye to my mom, who was spending the night with Declan who would have quite the surprise when he woke up.

We arrived at the hospital and got situated. I handed my birth plan to the two nurses working with me and they each stopped for a minute to read it and ask me any questions they had. They checked me and I was at 6 cm (same as with Declan) and by the time I got to my room It was past midnight, June 7th.

The contractions continued to get more intense, but this time around I wasn’t afraid of them. With Declan, I didn’t know how bad they would get, how I would handle them or if I could actually do it without drugs. This time I knew. I knew it was going to hurt like nothing else. Nothing. Else. But I also knew I could do it, and that I was in a safe environment where if something went wrong I had a skilled team right there waiting. Not being afraid is what made the active labor part of this birthing so much different. Instead of just trying to get through each contraction I spent the time moaning, keeping my voice low and picturing myself opening up, baby girl getting lower and closer to coming out. I have to say, this really helped me handle them better. Focusing on the end result and what my body was doing with each contraction, that was the key. I was laughing and talking between the rushes and having a good old time. And then I had to push.

I was at 8 cm and felt like I needed to push. This is where the fear creeped in. With Declan I pushed too early, I did the ‘instructed’ pushing where everyone is counting to 10 and I am holding my legs, and after he finally came out I had to get a few stitches. No fun. I was afraid of tearing again. I was afraid of that recovery and all that comes with having to get stitches in such a should-always-be-stitch-free area. and so my body stopped. The doctor was in the room, the instrument table had been set up, I was laying on the bed, and it just stopped. I didn’t have a contraction, I didn’t need to push, I just wanted to be done right then and there.

They asked if I wanted to get on my hands and knees on the bed. Sure. Not sure. Want to try your back? Sure. Nothing. How about your side? Way too many options here people!!! I got on my side and my body took over. Holy cow did it take over. Really painful contractions, screaming, grabbing for Courtney and Bryan’s hands, crying. Not pretty. All of a sudden my body pushed. I didn’t do it, my body did. I am in awe over the amazing body God made me, made women, and how it was made to do this. To grow babies and push babies out and feed babies.

With three pushes she was out. No tear. My little Isla. Born at 2:45 am on Friday, June 7th. 7 pounds, 15 ounces with  head full of dark hair.

We are all in love. Especially big brother!

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Soooooo yeah. I was pregnant, and I think I posted a total of 3 pictures of myself throughout the entire thing! Not on purpose. Life is/was busy and blogging has been put on the back burner. But I am going to slowly try to make a little more time for this space, so lets catch up, shall we? Baby pictures to come, but here is how the miracle of growing a child looked this time around. And yes, she was 11 days late. But I don’t have a 41.5 weeks picture. Let’s just say I was big!

August 4, 2013   7 Comments

My Mom Kit

When I was pregnant with Declan finding the perfect diaper bag seemed like a big deal. Something that would fit a lot of baby things (what those were, I wasn’t totally sure) have a place to change the baby, and be easy to carry. I found all of that in a Petunia Pickle Bottom Backpack from Pottery Barn Kids. And it was awesome for a good 6 months. Mostly while I was on maternity leave and could use it as a purse and diaper bag in one. Once I went back to work it got pretty bothersome switching from a purse for work to a diaper bag at night/weekends. We had been gifted an embroidered Land’s End bag for Declan, which he used for school, so we started using that more and more. As Declan got older and in turn needed less and less stuff there were times when I wouldn’t bring a bag at all. I figured there was always a clean diaper somewhere in my car, or we were just running to Target where I could just buy diapers if it really came down to it.

While going bag-less had its perks, I realized just how unprepared I was for all of the little things that could happen. Runny noses, scrapes, a stronger sun than anticipated. I was at a loss for all of these. So while we still always pack a bag for long outings or out to eat (think diaper/wipes/extra outfit for those FEED-MASELF dinners/crayons/paper/books) I decide to take charge and prep an always ready Mom Kit (that didn’t scream Mom).

I picked up a pencil case and tissue cover from The Pleated Poppy to hold everything. I packed it with the following:

1 and 2. sunscreen stick and aquaphor for my little guy’s sensitive skin
3 and 4. Antibiotic cream and alcohol pads
5. Hand sanitizer
6. Bandaids
7. Kleenex
8. CPR booklet (which I understand would be useless in the case of an actual emergency, but you never know…)

I also threw in a pack of sensitive wipes (again, that skin of his. Poor little guy!)

The entire thing fits nicely into my purse, stays contained thanks to the zippered case and leaves me feeling one step ahead no matter where we are. Which is good because these days I usually start off two steps back! With the new baby coming I will probably switch back to the diaper bag while I am on leave, and then back to the Mom Kit and school bag once I go back to work. At least, that’s the plan!

Do you have a Mom Kit? Any items that you think I am missing that you were glad to have on hand in an emergency? I would love to hear!!

March 11, 2013   5 Comments

Advent + 14

Tonight the advent calendar was filled with army guys, Indians, trucks, stickers and sweets. I think I am more excited than Declan is. Also, the bump, 14 weeks. Showing much faster than last time around.




November 30, 2012   2 Comments


So that was a long break! This past month was definitely one of those “you can only juggle so many balls” and blogging was the one that had to be dropped. I hope to be around more often, but no promises. But I will try! Two things that kept me away: 1. A sick toddler and husband 2. A tired, nauseous mama. Yep, baby #2 is on the way and unlike my last, super smooth and easy pregnancy, this one has been kicking my butt! I’m 11 weeks along and hoping I feel normal again soon. We are very excited to add a fourth to our family, and at the same time a little nervous. Any tips on handling a toddler and an infant? Declan will be 2 1/2 when the little one is born and he has a lot of exposure to babies at daycare so we are hoping that will help! Should be interesting.

grape, ultrasound picture

See you soon!

P.S. Happy birthday to my favorite husband!!!

November 5, 2012   8 Comments

First Day

While Declan went to daycare all summer, so technically there wasn’t a last day, this week signified the beginning of a new year at his school. Hard to believe he was just 6 months old when he first started there! Last year his class was filled with toddlers who were all about 6 months older than him, which was fun because those kiddos pushed him to do more and learn more. Plus it was great getting to ask the other parents for advice since they hit all of the phases before us! For the next 5 months, until Declan turns two, he will be the oldest in his class by about 6 months. While it kind of saddens me that he isn’t with his friends in the big kids room, I am taking it as a great opportunity for Declan to learn to be gentle and to be a helper. We aren’t expecting baby 2 quite yet but any ‘big brother’ practice would be great!

First day - via We Met in a Bar

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18 months

18 months

Declan is turning into such a little boy! My baby is definitely all grown up and is a total toddler now. So here is a little run down on who this guy is and what life is like now at 18 months.

Eating: His palette has definitely improved, but still has a long way to go. He is eating more whole fruits now (watermelon is his favorite new dessert) and once in a while he will eat meat, which is great because he needs a new protein source! Yogurt, milk, cheese, pancakes, muffins, peanut butter and scrambled eggs are still go-to favorites.

Sleeping: While still not great, his sleeping habits have gotten better. We are down to one nap a day which will last 1 1/2 – 2 hours most days (hooray for getting to sit down without feeling guilty!). Nighttime is hit or miss. The last few weeks we have had more 7:30-6:00 nights which is really nice, but in the last few days he has woken up within a few hours of going down needing to be rocked back to sleep. We take what we can get.

Moving: Oh boy. This kid is on the go. Constantly running, trying to hop, and more recently jumping off his little picnic table bench (believed to be Olympics inspired). He has equipment for pretty much every sport and loves them all. He loves to run away from Bryan and I, and will often run without looking, resulting in lots of bangs and bruises.

Talking: Declan has so many words! My favorites are meeeeeeese and mama (of course).

Loving: His new basketball hoop and ball, bubbles, sesame street (melmo and cookie are his favorite).

Hating: Being told no when he wants something. He has started stomping his feet and whining/crying… no fun!

Size: 26 pounds (60%) 32 inches (45%). The poor kid has wide feet right now, which means that the only shoes that fit him properly are New Balance and Stride Rite. We bought him a pair of Native shoes which we loved, but they were just a little too tight  so we can’t put them on him anymore. The rainbows (in the picture) are cute and fit his feet but aren’t good for running toddlers.

This little dude has stolen my heart. Bryan and I are lightly discussing baby #2 and it really is hard to imagine sharing the love, I am just not sure how my heart will be able to hold it all in! We have some time to figure that out, and until then I will pour everything I have into my little guy.

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Those days

While Declan was playing in the bath tonight I opened up the medicine cabinet to find these goodies staring at me.


When Declan was about 6 weeks old I came to the realization that he was sensitive to dairy.

Back up to the second week home from the hospital. Declan would cry, a lot. He would get gassy and cry and cry and wiggle around trying to get comfortable. No amount of leg pumping would help. It was a really hard time for both of us. One night I asked Bryan to pick up some baby gas-x on his way home just to see if it would help. The minute after we gave him the dose he seemed happier. It was a miracle! Except it stopped working. So we bought Gripe Water. My mom bought us Colic Calm. I picked up another brand. Everything seemed to help for the first few times and then it stopped. When I mentioned it to our pediatrician she said that maybe he was just going to be colicky, and gave us a few tips on how to soothe a colicky baby. Well, after some research on my end I found that many babies have a sensitivity to diary. You can read more about it here (scroll to Dairy Sensitivity in Babies). This really hit me since I was drinking a big glass of milk when I first read about it! I immediately cut out the obvious dairy in my diet, as well as soy (which meant iced coffee in the morning. straight up. ugh).

Now whenever I hear about little babies being colicky the first thing I ask is if the mama tried cutting out dairy. (This only works if they are breastfeeding. Most formulas are made with dairy or soy. It looks like Similac offers a non-dairy non-soy option, but I don’t know much about it.)  It is a little inconvenient, but when you think about the huge change it can make in your baby and in turn in your life, it is very worth it! And luckily most children outgrow the sensitivity by the time they are old enough to have cow’s milk. I reintroduced it at 11 months and we switched Declan to all cows milk with no problems.

This motherhood stuff is tricky business. Luckily there are a lot of other mamas out there writing down their stories, and a lot of great resources to help guide us in the right direction.

I’ve mentioned them before, but if you are local to Southern California be sure to check out Milkalicious for all of your breastfeeding needs!

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