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Valentine’s Day Tattoos

free valentine heart tattoo download

So, temporary tattoos are my new favorite thing. I made some for Declan’s birthday party out of animal shapes and now I am making some to hand out as part of his Valentine’s day treats for his classmates. I am still working on the final presentation (thinking glassine envelopes, white card stock… still working on it) but wanted to make the tattoo layout available for anyone who might want to use it! Since it is basically a bunch of hearts on a PDF you can also print it on card stock to use for any other projects. If you go the tattoo route, you will need to pick up some temporary tattoo paper. I used one from Silhouette, which I bought off Amazon and had no complaints about!

And here is one of Declan rocking the giraffe tattoo!

Download the  Valentine’s Day Tattoo PDF here.

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Yes, yes and yes.
More graphically  inspiring things here.

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shop update

So, you know you are officially an adult/parent when your response to how was your weekend?! is Great! Saturday we bought a new car seat! What did you do?

In other news, I finally updated my shop! A few weekends ago Bryan sensed that I needed some me time. Time at home alone where I could do some sewing/crafting without feeling guilty for not cleaning or doing housework. If you are a parent you probably understand. Time home alone, and time during naps, its like a race against yourself. How much can I get done in 30 minutes? An hour? Two hours? (Who am I kidding, Declan has never taken a two hour nap in his crib.) For instance, Bryan took Declan with him to Lowe’s and Stater Bro’s yesterday. In that hour I cleaned both toilets, started laundry, picked up the insane amount of toys in the living room, took a shower, did my hair and makeup, got dressed, and  probably another thing or two. I didn’t sit once. I felt pretty accomplished afterwards. Quite possibly a personal best. Okay, that was a total tangent. The purpose of the story: Bryan gave me time to sit. And sew. And enjoy my hobby. It was really nice. So now the shop is updated and I hope to keep it up. Maybe just one or two cards a week (month?), enough to satisfy my sewing cravings.


orange hearts - 5x7-blog


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close up

Editing photos of my new cards. It’s amazing how a lens can make cards look so pretty.


The shop should be updated soon!

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first birthday: invitations

With round one of Declan’s first birthday celebrations behind me I am feeling pretty good! The family party went well and I will have all of the pictures from it tomorrow! Today I wanted to share the invitations I created. This first party was a family party which meant I was only sending out about ten invitations. This allowed me to be a little more creative and include the candle on the outside, with the entire thing going inside a bubble mailer.

If you follow the Pinterest board I created for Declan’s birthday you saw all of the Noah’s ark pins. I really wanted to go in that direction but just didn’t have the time. Instead I focused on the colors green, blue and yellow, party hats and crepe paper. Since Christmas was less than a month ago I let guests know that they didn’t need to bring a gift, but that if they did to bring a favorite book or movie.

I am very pleased with how they came out!







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2011 Christmas Card

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

christmas card 2011 blog



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free download

Now that all of your shopping is done (wait, it isn’t? you better get on that) it’s time to wrap! I made this tag download last year and hope you will find it useful!!


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Crafty ladies

I attribute all of my craftiness to my mom. She was always creating things. Whether sewing us dresses, painting bird houses, making wreathes, sewing halloween costumes, drawing summer calendars… whatever it was she hand made it. I am proud to say that she has recently started her own line of cross stitch patterns and kits! My parents camp. A lot. So my mom has turned her love for camping and her love for creating into a business. Please check out her etsy store! These patterns and kits are perfect as stocking stuffers for the crafty camper in your life! She is adding new ones every week (a Yosemite one is in the works!) so be sure to check back.




And speaking of etsy stores, stop by mine and pick up a set of vintage fabric cards! Perfect for a Thanksgiving Hostess thank you note.




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paint love

I am loving the chevron stripes and chalkboard wall in this nursery! (I showed this to Bryan and we both agreed the marriage wouldn’t last if we tried to paint that wall. One stripe was enough for us! ha)



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words to live by

I’m thinking of getting a few of these prints for the nursery…

Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 7.56.37 PM

Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 7.56.58 PM

(buy them here, via here)

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