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Mini Vacation

Every once in a while we get a little itch to get out of town. It starts with dreams of long weekend plans in San Luis Obispo but almost always turns into a one nighter in San Diego. We hit up night time zoo since we have passes and stay at whichever hotel is having a deal. This time we stayed at the Lafayette Hotel which ended up being nice, even if we weren’t their target demographic. We hoped to get some pool time in but it was closed to minors for a 91X pool party. Maybe 5-10 years ago but floaties kind of ruin the party vibe, if you know what I mean. We ended the trip with a visit to the ‘pirate ship’ and submarine and were back home in time for Sunday dinner. Success.

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One of the (many) fun parts of being a parent is getting to experience the excitement of holidays through a child’s eyes. There is nothing like that first Easter Bunny photo (he was skeptical) or waking up to a basket of goodies (the mini whisks were his favorite) or hunting for plastic eggs filled with goodies (thank you Target for the R2D2 ‘eggs’ they were a hit!).

Another fun part… stealing the candy afterwards.

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Cooling Off

Over the long weekend we had one exceptionally warm day. Declan took the opportunity to do his new favorite thing: sit at the kitchen sink and drink water out of a medicine cup straight from the faucet. Only this time he decided to pour it all over himself, leading to some always fun naked time. There is something about babies and toddlers in their birthday suits that makes life feel simple.

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Letting go

Growing up we were always doing crafts. It has obviously carried on into my adult life and whenever I get up the mental energy to do one with Declan I learn a lesson on letting go. Which is probably why it takes so much mental energy. On this particular day we tried out water colors and a certain little boy was more interested in spreading water everywhere than he was about painting mama a picture for the fridge. I had to let go of all control, and rather than screaming “STOP MIXING ALL THE COLORS!!!!!” (which is what was going on in my head at the time) I mustered up a few “Good job, buddy!”s and called it a day. Baby steps.

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Valentine’s Day Tattoos

free valentine heart tattoo download

So, temporary tattoos are my new favorite thing. I made some for Declan’s birthday party out of animal shapes and now I am making some to hand out as part of his Valentine’s day treats for his classmates. I am still working on the final presentation (thinking glassine envelopes, white card stock… still working on it) but wanted to make the tattoo layout available for anyone who might want to use it! Since it is basically a bunch of hearts on a PDF you can also print it on card stock to use for any other projects. If you go the tattoo route, you will need to pick up some temporary tattoo paper. I used one from Silhouette, which I bought off Amazon and had no complaints about!

And here is one of Declan rocking the giraffe tattoo!

Download the  Valentine’s Day Tattoo PDF here.

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Wow, kind of embarrassing to have my last post be titled Merry Christmas when it is February! Between Christmas, colds (for both Declan and I) and Declan’s birthday my nights were filled with sleep or birthday prep. I actually chose to post this over making valentine tattoos, which will have to wait another night. I hope to have a post and a free download for the valentine tattoo sheet by this weekend for any procrastinators like me who want a quick and easy non-candy valentine treat!

But back to Declan’s birthday! He is now officially a two year old and will tell you so if asked. We are still working on the whole two fingers thing. We say two, he points one, it is all very entertaining. We went with a safari theme since Declan loves the zoo, has a million zoo animals and is too young to tell me “no mama, I want an elmo/super hero/insert-tv-show-character-here party!”. We went simple with a party at my mom’s house, food catered by the same Mexican restaurant who we used for his first birthday, centerpieces that we already owned and Target dollar bin mini animals for the cupcakes. Unlike last year, when I tried to pretend I was a baker and made a dry cake from scratch, this year I was smart and bought devil’s food cake mix and white frosting for the cupcakes. Delicious! Fun was had by all and we felt so blessed by the family and friends who were able to make it. Declan is officially spoiled and we may have snuck a few gifts into the closet to pull out at a future date.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day for him! We had planned to have a friends playdate party the following day, but it had been pretty rainy so we canceled it. I haven’t rescheduled it yet but I took the time to create and cut out a ton of cute safari tattoos, so that will keep me accountable for making sure the party happens! Temporary tattoos might be my new favorite favor for parties and holidays. Kids love them!! Declan rocked his elephant tattoo the whole day.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, from my (growing) family to yours!

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Advent + 14

Tonight the advent calendar was filled with army guys, Indians, trucks, stickers and sweets. I think I am more excited than Declan is. Also, the bump, 14 weeks. Showing much faster than last time around.




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Go vote!

Do your part today (if you haven’t already mailed your vote in) and go vote!

don't forget to vote

P.S. I like what Rubyellen and her husband told their kids about the outcome of the election:

“no matter who is in office, even if we love ‘em or hate ‘em, it is also our responsibility as citizens to support and pray for our leaders that they would do the best they can and bear the responsibility of taking the course which he/she feels they ought to take, just as spoken by Abraham Lincoln.”

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So that was a long break! This past month was definitely one of those “you can only juggle so many balls” and blogging was the one that had to be dropped. I hope to be around more often, but no promises. But I will try! Two things that kept me away: 1. A sick toddler and husband 2. A tired, nauseous mama. Yep, baby #2 is on the way and unlike my last, super smooth and easy pregnancy, this one has been kicking my butt! I’m 11 weeks along and hoping I feel normal again soon. We are very excited to add a fourth to our family, and at the same time a little nervous. Any tips on handling a toddler and an infant? Declan will be 2 1/2 when the little one is born and he has a lot of exposure to babies at daycare so we are hoping that will help! Should be interesting.

grape, ultrasound picture

See you soon!

P.S. Happy birthday to my favorite husband!!!

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