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Fancy pancakes take 2

I’m writing this post during the commercial break of tonight’s Olympics. Even though I know who wins the women’s all around in gymnastics I still love to watch, it is so exciting!

Anyways, last weekend I planned on making these zucchini pancakes from Smitten Kitchen. Declan loves zucchini bread muffins so these seemed like a great new breakfast food to try. Well, Saturday morning came and I read the ingredient list and they weren’t going to happen. So, I decided to make some more fancy pancakes by simply adding some cinnamon, nutmeg and grated zucchini  (I added a whole zucchini finely grated with about 1 cup of mix and 2/3 cup water) to pancake mix. They turned out pretty darn good and I was able to freeze a bunch to have on hand for daycare breakfasts. Adding a parchment paper square between each pancake makes it easy to break one off and throw it in the toaster. Easy, delicious, and one extra place for me to sneak some vegetables into Declan’s diet.



Back to the Olympics! Go USA!

August 2, 2012   2 Comments

Pinterest Dinner / Happy Friday!

Each weekend I sit down with my EAT list and decide on dinners for the week. Usually I will pull out my cookbooks to try some new recipes, but lately I have been pulling up my Fooood board on Pinterest. This week I planned to try this grilled peach, chicken and goat cheese salad and it did not dissapoint!

chicken peaches


lettuce cheese


Bryan and I both cleaned our plates (bowls). Tasty! Very easy to put together and it didn’t require an oven. Perfect weeknight summertime meal!

Enjoy your weekend! We have a few activities planned, including visiting my family who will be camping down at San Elijo. By the way, if you like to camp please check out my mom’s site, The Camp Site! It has campsite pictures, recipes, the ultimate what-to-pack list and much more!!

Happy Friday!

July 19, 2012   1 Comment


Last weekend I made some pretty fancy pancakes. Are you ready? Banana blueberry pancakes. Oh yes.

may june-009blog

The best part is the recipe how-to. (Recipe is too fancy a word, even for my fancy pancakes!) Mash a few over-ripe bananas in the bottom of a bowl. Add pancake mix of choice and water. Once in the pan, add a few blueberries. And you’re done! Fancy pancakes that are Declan approved.

may june-008blog

June 6, 2012   3 Comments

Sweet potato love

I made up some sweet potatoes for Declan this weekend and ran out of room in the cube ice trays. The heart trays filled in for the last of the purée.


July 25, 2011   3 Comments


Some cake table goodness from the wedding I was in this weekend.


June 26, 2011   3 Comments


This sounds like the perfect summer drink.

Screen shot 2011-06-06 at 8.15.40 PM

June 8, 2011   3 Comments

4:00 snack

Walnut halves and banana chips. So good!!


June 1, 2011   2 Comments

Afternoon snack

Blueberries + chocolate chips. The perfect combination of healthy and sweet!!


May 25, 2011   1 Comment


My latest obsession.


May 18, 2011   3 Comments


In the words of Liz Lemon… I want to go to there.

Screen shot 2011-05-16 at 2_57_59 PM

Screen shot 2011-05-16 at 3_00_32 PM

(Via Oh Happy Day)

May 16, 2011   2 Comments