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First impressions

We are playing with the idea of buying a home within the next year which has me daydreaming of wood floors, big windows and front doors. The more character the better! Here are a few I pinned recently. You can follow all of my home pins here. And before you notice, yes, door one and three are the same. Apparently I really like that one!

front door blog

One and three, two, four, five (and one and three! hahaha)

July 9, 2012   1 Comment

Advent calendar

The advent calendar has made its appearance.


December 1, 2011   5 Comments

paint love

I am loving the chevron stripes and chalkboard wall in this nursery! (I showed this to Bryan and we both agreed the marriage wouldn’t last if we tried to paint that wall. One stripe was enough for us! ha)



July 31, 2011   No Comments


Starting my Easter decorations…

I see a trip to the antique barn in my future.



April 4, 2011   2 Comments


My mom gifted me with this gorgeous cake stand for my birthday. Now I just need to bake a cake to put on it!


March 31, 2011   1 Comment

the craft room

Thank you for the kind words about our nursery! We love it and hope our little guy will too! Here is the other half of the room, devoted to my craft/sewing/creating side!


Everything is basically from IKEA… the table, the drawer system, the shelves and the chair, oh and even the trash can! What can I say, we love IKEA (and their low prices!).


The desk holds my sewing and craft books, a fabric box from Target that holds miscellaneous fabric, scissors, whatever… an ampersand from Antrho, a christmas ornament organizer that I won last year at my company’s white elephant exchange that perfectly holds all sorts of thread and buttons, patterns and bobbins, you name it! My inspiration board is just a cheap cork board that I painted the trim on.





Too cute measuring cups hold little odds and ends.



And this vintage sewing drawer holds all kinds of ribbon and twine.

I love my new space and mixed with the nursery I just want to spend all of my time in there!! Once the little guy gets big enough to realize that he is sharing a room with my ‘stuff’ we may move it to our bedroom (there is room) but for now we will share the room and he will be none the wiser.

And with that, have a lovely Friday and a great weekend! It is supposed to rain here on Monday so I am going to go out and enjoy the sunshine while I can!

January 28, 2011   6 Comments

kind of loving…

This pillow and baby book, both from Anthro.

Picture 7 Picture 6

January 5, 2011   No Comments


My mom gifted me this Christmas Golden Book this year. I love it!



December 21, 2010   No Comments

christmas tree


Our tree is a mix of store bought, handmade, and special meaning ornaments. I love the mix, and can’t wait for our little guy to start making them in school (you know, after he is born and everything) so that we can put them up!


The castle in Scotland where we scattered my grandparents ashes.


In memory of my grandparents, who had peacocks as pets.


Handmade by my sister.


Store bought, just because I liked it.


Made by my mom.


Gifted from my mother-in-law.

December 20, 2010   5 Comments


I’ve been home sick the last few days so I took some time to finish a little project I had waiting.

I have had this plain, wood, glass-less frame for probably over two years, just waiting to be beautified. I finally got around to asking Bryan to paint it white for me and then I had my mom use her staple gun to attach the ribbons. It will be used for Christmas cards right now and then will move into the nursery to hold pictures, cards, whatever!



December 16, 2010   6 Comments