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new colors!

I had the itch to add a little kick to our wedding colors. And because Bryan is the best fiance ever, he is letting me add them 😉 Check out the new color scheme:

We will just be adding some pinks, corals, salmons,just a range of prettiness! Some inspiration I have found around the blogosphere:

The range of pinks and reds will be mixed into the bridesmaids currently marigold and white bouquets, into the mason jar centerpieces, into the Pom Pom decorations, and I am contemplating a fuchsia RSVP envelope to go inside the current grey outer envelope and white paper invites.   I am super duper excited. Yes, super duper. 

Images: Mine, snippet and ink, snippet and ink, careykirk, the knot, the knot, snippet and ink.

March 23, 2009   28 Comments


Well, I made it through work yesterday. Who knew a month off would make it so difficult to get back into it? Waking up at 6:30 is no bueno. Although I will say that this is my first time having a cubicle and I am super excited to make it cute 🙂  

Anyways, have you seen this blog yet? Grey Likes Weddings? She just posted this inspiration board and of course I love it 🙂

Don’t forget about my Photo Card Creations contest, it ends on Friday! Go here to leave a comment to win a $50 gift card!!

March 4, 2009   5 Comments

quite the turnout

Well look at all of you delurking! You must have felt pretty strongly about that bow huh?! haha I love that so many of you commented, you should do it more often! This whole blogging thing is such a community, a support for all of us whose friends have had it with us talking wedding all the time. If I had asked my friends “bow or no bow?” they probably would have said ‘meh’ and I would have had to decide on my own! 🙂  So, thank you for your comments, we will for sure be going no bow on the taller thinner jars and I am gonna experiment with bows (around the neck!) on the actual Ball jars, since they have a more prominent neck to hold the ribbon 🙂  I will post pictures soon!

Oh, and an update (cause you all are my community 🙂 ) on the gelato! So we said we would give them till February, it is February, so we dropped them.  The last real email I sent them was over 2 weeks ago asking some detailed questions about the size of the cart, what the set up entailed etc. and I heard nothing back. I mean, I first contacted them in August, and the most I have gotten out of them is a price sheet and finding out we were on their calendar… I do not want to work with a company that has such horrible communication. So I sent them (the store manager and I cc’d his manager) this email:

“Due to a lack of communication on your part, we will no longer be needing your services for our July 18th event.”

Well, who do you think called me yesterday?! The managers manager! Ha  At first he had no idea what they had done wrong. I had to explain to him that sending me a price sheet and saying I am on your calendar isn’t exactly the details I was looking for. He tried to say that they just always say ‘yes’ to their customers so they didn’t think much into it.  By the end of the conversation I had gotten across to him that I am planning an event (a low-key-no-stress-least-event-ever-event) and needed a few more details than a price sheet and a “see you in july!”  He was very nice and very apologetic and maybe we will use them for our kids first birthday party. But not the wedding. Not my big event 🙂

SO. We stopped by a local bakery Saturday and spoke to the owner and got a list of their cakes. Want to hear one?

Princess: Three layer white cake filled with fresh bavarian cream and raspberries, surrounded with roasted hazelnuts and topped with fresh whipped cream and a layer of marzipan.


I am excited. We are definitely in the ‘reception’ planning stage, so I am reposting my own reception inspiration board, just as a reminder 🙂  Have a good morning everyone!!

February 3, 2009   9 Comments


if I was having a winter wedding, it would be all white. 

(from here, of course)

December 16, 2008   1 Comment

another day, another board :)

I have posted many an inspiration board from Snippet and Ink, and after they posted today’s you now get another 🙂

We are leaning towards more of a marigold color, but these pictures are awesome. My two favorites are the shoes 🙂 and the foam finger… amazing 🙂

October 3, 2008   2 Comments

flickr inspiration boards

If you haven’t checked out this flickr group yet, do it! Here are a few of my favorites:

(proof of a grey J. Crew dress!)

(love that hair!)

August 28, 2008   3 Comments

reception decor

Simple, handmade, family oriented, lovely. 

August 22, 2008   No Comments

i almost forgot!

To post todays inspiration board!  An unexpected lunch date pulled me away from posting this afternoon, I’m so sorry 🙂  So here it is, the food board 🙂

Nothing too crazy. We will be having tray passed appetizers, drinks, and with a little luck (fingers crossed!) a gelato cart at the end! Simple, delicious, fun. I can’t wait 🙂

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photographic inspiration

There are so many great wedding photographers out there, and so many more great wedding photos.  Here are just a few images that I would like to have of B and I from our day.

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late night

So it is pretty rare that I have a night where I have no design work to do. Usually when I can get away with not working into the night I do whatever I can to put away my computer and look at the real world for a while 🙂 However, tonight was an exception. I have yet to do an inspiration board, i think mostly because there are just so many amazing ideas out there that trying to narrow them down into just a few images would seem so confining. 

However, now that i have my dress, the church, the reception venue (still trying not to jinx this) and more of a vision of what MY wedding will be like, I was able to put together a few boards. Yes, a few. I still couldn’t narrow it down to just one 🙂 

Here are the first two boards. This first one is the fashion board. I do already have my dress, and it is lace, which I am so so happy with. I love the look of the mans grey suit, the woman’s headband, the clean look of pearls, and the uniform look of bridesmaids 🙂

This next one is rings and paper. I love the idea of the accordion program, and will most likely use it. The ring bowl from Palomas Nest is very modern and would be perfect to keep our rings in on an everyday basis. The three rings below are gorgeous. I will have to show a picture of my ring one day, it is not your average engagement ring, and I kind of enjoy watching people try to find something sweet to say when they see it… is that evil? Anyways, the ring with the 4 bigger diamonds on it, that it the kind of wedding band I would like (*ahem*).  The paper suite on the bottom right is just executed so well. 

(images are found in mixed places, from Style me Pretty, A Practical Wedding, The Bride’s Guide, Snippet and Ink, Junebug Weddings, and i think that is it. Please let me know if I left you out!)

I will post the rest of the boards (yes, there are more 🙂 ) over the rest of the week.  Now, it is time for the computer to go away and the olympics to begin. Go USA!

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