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Month six

We are getting the that perfect baby age. The one where they can sit in a high chair, in a Target cart, in a jumper, on the floor. Where they can crawl to their toy of choice (ahem, anything that belongs to big brother) and chew away at it to their hearts content. Where they interact and laugh and smile and by now you know what (most all) of the cries mean. I love this age and hope it doesn’t go by too quickly (it will).

December 7, 2013   3 Comments

Week by week

And just like that, my baby is almost 12 weeks old and I start back at work on Tuesday. Cue the nervous tummy-tears-school lunch and outfit planning-anxiousness-excitment-let’s just do this already feelings. I feel slightly better about Isla going to daycare than I did with Declan, which is saying a lot because he didn’t start until he was six months old. Busted out the pump this week… man I did NOT miss that thing. Bryan walked in on me using it the other night and lets just say he turned on those heels preeeetty quickly.

Anyways, I have been pretty good about getting these done each week, with only one or so missing. And I think it’s funny that she is in basically the same outfit for three of them. Totally unplanned. Little lady is growing up so quickly! Part of me wants to freeze time, but the other part is excited for all of the next stages, because it really does get better with each new stage.

While I do have these photos on my actual camera, these are from my iPhone, edited with PicTapGo and A Beautiful Mess and uploaded to my Instagram.

(I wish I would have bought these leggings from Cotton On Kids in every size. They were my favorite!!)

August 29, 2013   1 Comment