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Happenings, downloads and etsy

Hello and Happy Veterans day! Today I have a few free downloads for you and an update on my Etsy shop.

But first, a few photos of my kids at Halloween, because who doesn’t want to see more pictures of my kids?

I like to call this Tinkerbelle-lite. Handmade skirt and headband to compliment big brothers costume. She is 5 months old now and we couldn’t love her more.

Jake, from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. A favorite around here and he rocked it! This is his Aaaarrrgghhhh face. We just went to his first preschool open house this past weekend. He needs to stop growing up so fast!

Now, for a little Etsy shop update! I have been adding digital downloads to my shop instead of paper cards. Easier to customize and easier for me to get done! I have two Christmas cards, two wedding activity books and two kids birthday suites (including thank you cards and temporary tattoo shapes!!). Check it out if you are so inclined. I will keep adding as I go and will announce any new products here.

And lastly for today, a few free downloads for you! With Thanksgiving coming up I thought I would put together some simple “I am thankful for” cards. You can print these out on plain paper or card stock and use the as-is, or glue them to colored paper for a little extra something. This is a great activity to do before dinner with your family and then to read aloud over pumpkin pie!

Just click on the image to open up the PDF.

That’s it for now. Have a wonderful week !

November 11, 2013   1 Comment

Toy Area

We spend a lot of time in the main room of our home. It is a large living/dining area that opens into the kitchen with large windows that overlook the ocean. We can’t complain. Yet spending a lot of time there means that a lot of Declan’s toys live or end up out there which made for a constant mess. We finally did something about it a few weeks back and gave Declan his own play area by moving the couches up a bit and putting his trucks and toys behind them, creating a separate seating area from the play area. Not only does the IKEA storage system we purchased keep all of his toys hidden, it also helps him keep things clean up by having specific bins for specific types of toys. Trucks, kitchen stuff, legos, musical instruments, dress up, coloring… they all have a home. While toys still make it to the front half of the room it is 100 times better than before. We might even buy a second storage system and use shelves instead of bins to fit his growing Playmobil collection.

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Happy weekend!

Is it okay to decorate for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter at the same time? I’m telling myself it is. Have a good weekend everyone! Declan is fighting a cough so I’m home today. Hoping he gets better quick so that we can enjoy the gorgeous weekend ahead!


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2013 Valentines

I got a little crafty this year with Declan’s class Valentines. After creating the tattoos, I pulled together some supplies I already owned including paper, envelopes and mini envelopes cut in half to hold the tattoos. Declan added the final touch by coloring a secret message for each of his friends.

I hope the kiddos like the tattoos, and if you are still in need of a quick and easy non-candy gift, you can download the heart tattoo PDF here.

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3 years

It has been quite the adventure these last three years. Thanks for always being there for me, and enjoying this crazy ride with me Bryan! xoxo Heather


(see past anniversary posts here)

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French Pancakes

Ever since I was little my family has made french pancakes. (It wasn’t until I was older did I learn that their real name is crepes! I still refer to them as french pancakes when I am making them though.) They are really easy to make, and although you can make them savory (mushrooms, chicken and cheese please) we always do them sweet. Growing up, my sisters and I would stay with my mom’s aunt and uncle in San Luis Obispo each summer for a week or so. We ALWAYS had french pancakes and the best part was that they had fun code names for all of the toppings. Syrup was oil, powdered sugar was snow, brown sugar was dirt, butter was soap… it made the whole thing so much more exciting! Here is the recipe I use, which yields about 8 or so pancakes? Usually when it is just me eating them I cut it by a third (which you will see is really easy with the quantities needed).

French Pancakes

3 eggs
1 1/2 cups of milk
1 cup of flour
dash of salt

Beat the eggs together. Add the milk, beat, then add the flour and salt. Mix together. Heat your large pan and butter the bottom. Pour some batter in, I usually use a 2/3 cup measuring cup for each but it really just depends on your pan.  The trick is to put the batter in the middle of the pan, then pick it up and slowly swirl it around until it covers the entire bottom of the pan. This is when you can add a little more batter if you need to get full coverage. Let it cook until the sides begin to brown slightly. Carefully use a rubber spatula to loosen all of the sides, then flip. Wait until there are brown spots on the bottom and then you are done!





We roll ours, although you can fold it into a triangle as well. Other sweet topping combos are:

Lemon juice + sugar

Nutella + bananas

Nutella + strawberries


March 14, 2012   4 Comments

decoration recycling

I slacked on getting the house decorated this year for Valentine’s Day. Saturday night as I was going through my boxes of craft and wrapping supplies I came across the decorations I used for my birthday party a few years back. Don’t ask me why I kept them all this time (Well, you can. It is because I hoard craft and wrapping supplies. Yep. And look! It paid off! I re-used something!) Those invites are still some of my favorites I have ever done. But back to the decorations. I took the pieces of sewn crepe paper and in addition to putting them around a few frames and on shelves, I wrapped them around a vintage milk jar, vintage blue mason jar and a spaghetti jar for an easy little centerpiece. A few flowers from Trader Joe’s and love is now in the air!




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Rainy day activities

After two (awesome) crazy days in the city and a christening, we are spending some of this rainy New York day at the Staten Island children’s museum. Perfect.


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Dolly recently sent me a link to this awesome video of their wedding invitations!

From Dolly: We thought of the idea ourselves and we co-wrote it and designed it ourselves, with the help of 2 close friends marloes versluys as the graphic designer and abbie ong as the copywriter. The concept behind the invite is “uniting two people as one” which is what a marriage means to us. The idea is to have two seperate cards and when people receive the invite they have to pull two strings together to make one.

six.six.ten invite from steve on Vimeo.

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A favor


Please say a prayer for Andy Irons’ wife, who is due with their first child next month. I can’t even image the heartache that loosing your husband can bring, let alone loosing him while carrying his child. My heart breaks for her. You can read more about Andy and what they know so far about his passing here.

November 3, 2010   4 Comments