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favors + seating cards

Picture 3

(I forgot where I got this. if you know, tell me!!)

May 25, 2011   1 Comment

wedding overload

I have had google reader for over a year now (I know, I was totally late to that party) and all the while I star things I like so that I can go back in later to either blog about them or use them for myself. Well it is of no surprise that this once wedding-centered blog has morphed into more of a baby blog as that is what is on my mind most of the time (btw, I am due in 4 days! yikes!!) Sooooo, I went through all of my starred posts and took out the wedding ones and have compiled them all into one big wedding extravaganza for you! I know, very exciting. Although my wedding was a year and a half ago my very good friend Natalie is getting married in June, and on top of that, well, weddings are just fun to look at. Here are some images that I found fun to look at over the last year:

Picture 1

(fun table assignments)

Picture 3

(fun table numbers)

Picture 4

(fun cakes)

Picture 6

(fun dress)

Picture 7

(fun menu idea)

Picture 8

(fun bridal style)

Picture 9

(fun food cart action)

Picture 10

(fun dessert table)

Picture 11

(super fun altar)

Picture 12

(fun signage)

Picture 15

(fun {more like gorgeous} table scape)

January 21, 2011   1 Comment

love day

Funny story. At our first night of Engaged Encounter we went through a list of fairly common/should be easy to answer questions. Questions like ‘will we open presents on Christmas Eve’ and ‘will we get a dog’ and if you answered yes you stood up, if no then you sat down.  Although Bryan and I were usually standing (or sitting) together, one of the questions, ‘is Valentines day an important holiday’ had me sitting and him standing. He just looked at me like “whaaaat?!” I am pretty sure we were both answering the way we thought we should answer…

Nevertheless, I do love Valentines day. Not for the candy or the flowers (although who doesn’t love getting flowers at work?!) but more for the craft possibilities.  My wheels are already  turning… what kind of cards will I make? What fun homemade gift will I give my loved ones? How will I decorate the house?

These items from Bake it Pretty are helping to grease those wheels.




January 26, 2010   1 Comment

pinwheel love


I would like to put these little pinwheels all of my walls… perhaps one day in a nursery… yes, I think that is a great idea!

From here.

October 27, 2009   2 Comments

my day: guestbook and favors

We decided to go with a framed poster for our guestbook:





I bought the poster from etsy seller SparklePower, though I can’t seem to find her now! (Thanks Laura!) We bought the frame at Ikea and took the whole thing to Michael’s to get a custom matte made for $20.

We came to the conclusion that since we were on a budget, giving out favors was simply not necessary. We thought about making homemade cookies to package up for people to take with them, but decided against it as it would have had to been done in the few days before the wedding, and I really didn’t want to have to do anything on those days!  So what we decided on doing was to give away the flowers from the centerpieces.


I posted about making these bags here.


We also made little tags asking people to take the flowers but leave the jars, since they were part of our personal collection.

Going this route for the favors saved us a lot of time and money, and no one seemed to care. (Not that they would come up asking for their favor… but still!)

Images from Studio 7 Photography.

September 30, 2009   14 Comments

double time

Our favors serve two purposes. One: for people to take flowers home and Two: for people to not take our mason jars home.

I bought cello baggies at Target.

Designed and printed out labels using labels from Stuck.

The finished project 🙂 We will put a few under each centerpiece for people to take flowers home after the reception, and to discourage them from walking out with our collection of mason jars (which started waaaay before any wedding talks 🙂 )

May 28, 2009   9 Comments


This past week was full of packages arriving 🙂

My hair pieces from handle & spout:

Our labels from Stuck, to be used on our favor bags:

And our “guestbook frame” print from . Why is it in my cubicle? Because I didn’t measure the frame we are putting it in and thought that the 8.5″x11″ would be perfect, but really we need the 11″x17″. I just ordered the new one today. Good thing they are cheap!

I also went by the post office for some 44¢ stamps and picked myself up some of these lovelies.  I only wish they were each 22¢ so I could use them together!

Shopping for wedding stuff is fun!

May 19, 2009   8 Comments


… was my name in spanish class 🙂 And then when I worked as a server and the bussers and cooks would have  a hard time pronouncing ‘Heather’ I told them to call me Sofia. So maybe i just like the name. Maybe it is the pink cans. Maybe I just love champagne. Whatever it is, I love it!

(from here)

March 10, 2009   6 Comments

doily love

What a fabulous idea for wrapping favors. Whether you fill it with hot chocolate, homemade jam, your dads famous brisket rub or maybe even a flower or two, the doily and bakers twine are simple and lovely.

(found here, via here)

February 23, 2009   3 Comments


One of my favorite blogs for handmade goodness is inchmark. Her latest valentines craft was for her kids class and is totally workable for wedding favors.  How cute are these?!

She bought a bunch of matchstick boxes at the grocery store an emptied out the matches. All you need after that is some patterned paper, maybe some twine, and candy or a small gift and you are good to go! Easy, affordable and 100% personalized!

February 19, 2009   6 Comments