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A few days later

It is still gorgeous after accidentally leaving it in my trunk all night after the wedding. Can’t wait for the professional pics to come so you can really see them!


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Last one

This is my last peonies post, I promise! I spend most of my waking hours here at work (so sad) so I brought along a few of my flowers with me. They go perfectly in the vintage milk jar my mom gifted me on Mother’s Day!


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Waiting for my peonies to open up.


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wedding overload

I have had google reader for over a year now (I know, I was totally late to that party) and all the while I star things I like so that I can go back in later to either blog about them or use them for myself. Well it is of no surprise that this once wedding-centered blog has morphed into more of a baby blog as that is what is on my mind most of the time (btw, I am due in 4 days! yikes!!) Sooooo, I went through all of my starred posts and took out the wedding ones and have compiled them all into one big wedding extravaganza for you! I know, very exciting. Although my wedding was a year and a half ago my very good friend Natalie is getting married in June, and on top of that, well, weddings are just fun to look at. Here are some images that I found fun to look at over the last year:

Picture 1

(fun table assignments)

Picture 3

(fun table numbers)

Picture 4

(fun cakes)

Picture 6

(fun dress)

Picture 7

(fun menu idea)

Picture 8

(fun bridal style)

Picture 9

(fun food cart action)

Picture 10

(fun dessert table)

Picture 11

(super fun altar)

Picture 12

(fun signage)

Picture 15

(fun {more like gorgeous} table scape)

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I still love looking at wedding blogs because sometimes they give you great ideas for home decoration. I am loving these vases and mason jars wrapped in twine.

Picture 1

Picture 2


August 26, 2010   3 Comments


Thank you all for answering my questions!  It was really interesting to see that photography came out on top as the thing everyone was glad they splurged on or wished they would have splurged on. We put so much effort and emotion into this one day and all you have for the rest of your life are the pictures! And although our photographer gave us a great deal, we still spent 1/5 of our small budget on those photos and I wouldn’t trade that for anything! So again, thanks for sharing ladies!!

On to this morning’s topic: tables!  Here are a few that I am currently loving for a rustic wedding.

Picture 1


Picture 3

Picture 2

I love the idea of supplementing  with candles. Great way to save money!

Picture 4


Picture 5


July 1, 2010   2 Comments


Urban Outfitters just added a ton of new stuff, with two of my favorites being the barnacle vase and the pennant bedding.

Picture 3 Picture 2

May 25, 2010   2 Comments


It is peony time over at Trader Joe’s. Reason 147298473 that I love TJ’s.



May 24, 2010   5 Comments

succulent love

I am in love with this centerpiece by succulentLOVE. And the cake doesn’t look too buy cialis 10mg bad either!


May 19, 2010   4 Comments