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groomsmen in TOMS

Picture 1


Who knew TOMS had a wedding collection?

August 28, 2010   2 Comments

forever and always

I will always love sunshine and grey.

stephanie williams

(image by Stephanie Williams)

October 8, 2009   4 Comments

my day: the groomsmen

It all started with this picture. Bryan loved the white jacket look. Classic, sophisticated… and turns out, not possible. My dress was ivory, not white, and apparently Men’s Warehouse doesn’t rent ivory jackets. They sell them, but they don’t rent them. So we scratched that idea and just went with a classic black tux with the bow tie. I must say, the men of our wedding party were stunning.





Bryan’s men included his brother (and BM) Brendan, his friend/coworker Jason and my long time friend Ryan. Between the three of them we had a (future) lawyer, a cop and a pro-lacrosse player. Not too shabby… although I must say that the web designer was the most handsome out of the bunch 😉

Tips: We went to Men’s Warehouse for the tux’s, mostly because there is one across the street from us and because Bryan’s family lives on the East coast and we knew there would be one close to them as well. Honestly, the service wasn’t that amazing.  Every time we went in there the staff acted as if they were doing us a favor by doing things like taking measurements. When we had an appointment. It was frustrating but not so much so that we left.

Want to know how well I did at not being a bridezilla? Jason already owned a tux, and even though I had asked Bryan to make sure his tux matched the ones being rented, he didn’t. So the day before the wedding I find out that it isn’t going to 100% match (no black button covers, a different fabric or something…) and you know what I said? “That’s ok.”  Yep. I didn’t even care. Or get mad that Bryan hadn’t been more on top of it.

(Funny story, while we were standing up on the alter, listening to the priest, I looked down at the groomsmen’ shoes and totally took note that Jason’s were dull while the rest where super shiny. But, did I say a word? Nope. Because I was standing there getting married to my love, and really, shoes didn’t matter.)

Images by Studio 7 Photography.

September 17, 2009   1 Comment

coming up


Coming up this week:

Flower girls

Image by Studio 7

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This is a late post, and The Office will be on soon, but I couldn’t resist posting this series of pictures. Mustaches have been all rage lately, and these groomsmen do it right 🙂 The couple works with middle school kids and I believe the two boys at the bottom are from that group. I love their mustache-less expressions! Images taken by the talented Matthew Morgan and edited by moi. The rest of the wedding will be up tomorrow!

February 19, 2009   5 Comments

checking things off the list

I am meeting with a possible florist tomorrow morning and am super excited 🙂 She does them out of her home so I am not too worried about her overcharging me, and she seems like a cool girl in the first place, so woo hoo 🙂  I need to print out all of my flower posts to show her, so I wanted to post the last of the images in my “flower” folder.  Of course I will continue to posting about flowers, I just need to get these up so I can print them 🙂 Here we go:

Ideas for boutonnieres:

Pretty, full bouquets:

Pretty centerpieces:

Images: SMS Photography, Style Me Pretty, The Bride’s Cafe, SMS Photography, Once Wed 

January 12, 2009   2 Comments

the groom

May I interrupt for a moment? I just wanted to say that last night B and I went to Anthropologie and I bought the first part of my bridesmaids gifts 🙂 Wooohoooo. Also, it was very hard to not buy, um, everything else in that store.  

Back to the wedding. This groom definitely has some style. Shot by him.

November 14, 2008   1 Comment


If I wore these shoes on my wedding day

I would get the girls hair things like this


And the boys would wear something like this

(from here)

October 23, 2008   9 Comments

speaking of…

… maids and groomsmen, this is what our pictures will look like, only reversed 🙂 So far we are at maids:7, men:4. 

(from here)

October 14, 2008   5 Comments