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This little guy might not be able to control his grip, but he sure does have a strong one. Braids keep my hair out of his (adorable) little hands.

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March 11, 2011   No Comments

happy friday!

Happy Friday!  I can not wait for the weekend to begin.  It is supposed to be gorgeous outside! I’ll be at my old high school, soaking up the sun and cheering for our lacrosse team, and then Sunday it will be a Mother’s Day version of our Sunday Dinner. I am thinking brunch for dinner… maybe that is because I am craving French toast right now…  Maybe.

Is anyone signed up for the free decorating class at West Elm this weekend? Does anyone have a great brunch recipe?!

(Don’t you just love this bride’s hair?!)

Picture 1

Picture 2


May 6, 2010   3 Comments

my day: the hair

You can check out my hair category on the right to see all the kinds of wedding hair I was interested in. A little all over the place. Luckily I had Ramin. Do you need a wedding hair specialist? Call Ramin. (I will give contact info later on in the post.) She is amazing. I love her… and my hair? It has never looked better!







I loved my hair. Loved. It. Which was surprising (to me) because I wear my hair straight 100% of the time. When Ramin asked me how much height I wanted for the up-do I just looked at her, blinked a few times and quietly said (more liked asked) “none?”  She laughed, and then busted out some awesome wedding hair.  She was also a trooper, driving to my house at 4:30 in the morning to do all of our ‘dos. She brought along her assistant (her sister) to help her out.  If you are in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego and need a day-of hair stylist, give Ramin a call at (949) 690-7217. She is working on getting up a website right now, but take my word for it, you won’t be disappointed.  Also, if you just need a hair girl, her hair studio is in Corona Del Mar, at The Lab Hair Studio. I have been going to her for about 7 years, followed her to three different salons and will cry if she ever moves.  Oh, and when you are there, help a girl out and mention my name so I can earn the referral discount!

I had a few questions regarding the length of my hair. It is a little past my boobs (that is the best way I can explain it!) and super straight.

As for my hair accessories, I got the little trio of flowers from Handle and Spout. I looked into DIY’ing the hair pieces. There are a ton of tutorials out there and I love me some crafts. But I saw these, thought “I want them to look exactly like that” and then decided that the $35 was worth it to not have to figure it all out.

Tips: Regarding the hair, yes, it was an expense. Mine cost $120 and was a cost I set aside for myself (rather than pulling it from the budget).  Yes, I could have done it myself, but that day, July 18th, 2009, was probably the only day in my entire life that I will get my hair professionally done (oh, unless I am a bridesmaid for my friends… then I will call Ramin again!) and I wanted it to look gooooooood.

Working with a budget involves a lot of give and take. We made some big choices that cut (and raised) costs and aloud us to spend a little more (and less) in other places. (Spending that extra $400 on my dress/alterations definitely made for some creative number moving)

Choose what is important to you. What can you actually DIY, and what will actually drive you crazy and in the end, not be worth it.  You can do more than you think you can, the resources out there are amazing, but time, budget and craftiness will play a part in your decision making.

Images by Studio 7.

September 8, 2009   4 Comments


update: ok, now it is fixed!

(update: apparently wordpress doesn’t like it when I title my posts with just numbers, which is why you haven’t been able to comment. It is all fixed now!)

All my to-do’s are done. I may make a ‘just married’ sign tonight, maybe.

2 days to go.

Here are the last few things to get done:

Putting the programs in their box. (And a few kids activity books for the really young kids)

A mock up of the kids table to show my florist turned set up person 🙂

Pen jar for the ‘guestbook’

Hair trial! She fixed the dark pieces (yay!) and did a gorgeous up-do!  However, I am very simple and wear my hair straight all of the time, so I said for the big day I would like it with a little less volume 🙂

Ok, now I am really going!  We aren’t leaving for our honeymoon until Monday, so I may post a teaser before that, but I am not making any promises!

July 16, 2009   9 Comments

it’s just hair

This isn’t my typical post, but I was thinking on the way to work and figured it is wedding related so….

I posted the other day about my hair mishap. If you missed it, I went in last Friday for my color and cut, the same color and cut I have been getting for 7+ years, and the color came out wrong. My amazing hair lady fixed 90% of it, but the lowlights I get are darker and…. not important. What is important is I am not a huge fan of it. Other people say it looks fine. But I am not convinced. I keep trying to tell myself that it is just hair. It is just hair. It will not stop me from marrying B. It won’t stop me from having a wonderful time at the reception, on the honeymoon… It is just hair. I don’t want to be that bride who wants perfection and will complain until she gets it. I have done everything I can to not be called a bridezilla during this entire planning process. It’s just hair.

But you know what? If there is ever a day in a girls life when her hair is more than just hair, it is her wedding day.  So, call me a bridezilla, but I am going to go in and get it fixed. I am going to say that no, it isn’t ok.

I don’t have to have perfect hair on my wedding day, but I want it to be more than just hair.

Ok, done with that, have a happy Wednesday!!!

July 8, 2009   19 Comments

loose and easy

My cousin Mariah graduated today (congrats Mariah!) and afterwards when we went out to dinner my grandma shows up with 3 white cake stands to put cupcakes on. And wouldn’t you know it, 3 white cake stands are on my “to do/need” list!  A few hours later and I am now at home with three gorgeous cake stands. I love it when things are easy.

Speaking of easy, I have to send my hair girl pictures of how my bridesmaids want their hair. This picture pretty much sums it up:

(image from Matthew Morgan)

Oh and total side note, but I just finished reading My Sisters Keeper and the ending? Yeah, didn’t see that one coming. I am an easy crier, so the fact that I cried doesn’t say much, but still. I cried. Hard.  UPDATE: Since a few of you have read it… Alec Baldwin is sooooo not who I was picturing as the lawyer.

June 11, 2009   8 Comments


This past week was full of packages arriving 🙂

My hair pieces from handle & spout:

Our labels from Stuck, to be used on our favor bags:

And our “guestbook frame” print from . Why is it in my cubicle? Because I didn’t measure the frame we are putting it in and thought that the 8.5″x11″ would be perfect, but really we need the 11″x17″. I just ordered the new one today. Good thing they are cheap!

I also went by the post office for some 44¢ stamps and picked myself up some of these lovelies.  I only wish they were each 22¢ so I could use them together!

Shopping for wedding stuff is fun!

May 19, 2009   8 Comments


I bought some of these today from handle and spout in white. They supposedly come in different shades and sizes, which works because my dress is ivory 🙂

Things are getting done, my to-do list is is getting shorter, and I made 10 flowers tonight 🙂 Whew.

May 12, 2009   6 Comments

side swept

I am loving the look of the side swept low bun.  

(from here (i think))

April 2, 2009   6 Comments


So as I sat here printing 175 save the dates (which came out great if I might add, Meghan I am talking to you!) I caught up on all of my blogging. Oh how I have missed the inspiration!!! So for todays post, bringing us into the weekend, I will post some of my thoughts and inspirations 🙂  In no particular order, here we go.

1. This girl has my dress 🙂 well, the original that davids bridal kindly copied and sold to me at a much lower price 🙂 You can go here to see more pictures of it in full (bryan hasn’t seen it yet) and to admire the amazing work of amelia lyon!

2.  My current favorites at J. Crew.  I went in today holding a gift card from my dear Natalie and walked out with the most perfect black work pants ever. ever. Clockwise form left: Mom, I think you would look good in this for the wedding :).  I think this would look great on me at the wedding. I need a new pair of Jack Purcells because mine died. Those pants look comfy. 

3. I can’t stop looking at this. The colors are amazing. Seen here.

4. These flowers are gorgeous too. I may just have to add pink to our color palette (Update, Bryan says no… hmm…) . From here.

5. I think this is the perfect thing to go in my hair. Love it. Love the pearls, the feather, everything. 

There you go, my thoughts for the day. More like my thoughts for the week. Next week I promise to have pictures of my finished kids activity books and the save the dates I just finished. Promise. Have a happy weekend 🙂

March 20, 2009   8 Comments