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Happy!(?) Monday. This weekend involved sewing, lacrosse, farmers market, “homemade” chocolate croissants (Thanks Trader Joe’s), a walk to the beach and family dinner (for a side dish I made these! mmm mmm good). I am sad to see the weekend go.

A little lovely I saw last week… I love a ring with a good story!

Picture 1

(Congrats sara!)

April 18, 2010   2 Comments

real wedding by Matthew Morgan


(amazing shoes, right?!)
















(all images by Matthew Morgan)

November 30, 2009   2 Comments

my day: the accesories





The earrings were $60 from Nordstroms. I saw them and they were perfect. People were saying that they were sparkling during the entire ceremony!

The garter was hand made by my mom!  I wasn’t sure I wanted a garter, especially because I knew we weren’t going to do a garter toss, but while shopping for veil material (the veil post is next week) I saw this delicate and very girly cream fabric and knew it would be perfect.

Images by Studio 7.

September 10, 2009   4 Comments

checking things off the list

With a little over three months left till the wedding I have really started to get the “holy moly I need to get things done” feeling.  One of those things is my jewelry. Still haven’t found exactly what I am looking for (probably because I don’t know what that is quite yet)  but I did find some gorgeous, and affordable!, jewelry over at Plum and Sage

(Buy it here, saw it here)

April 12, 2009   5 Comments


So as I sat here printing 175 save the dates (which came out great if I might add, Meghan I am talking to you!) I caught up on all of my blogging. Oh how I have missed the inspiration!!! So for todays post, bringing us into the weekend, I will post some of my thoughts and inspirations 🙂  In no particular order, here we go.

1. This girl has my dress 🙂 well, the original that davids bridal kindly copied and sold to me at a much lower price 🙂 You can go here to see more pictures of it in full (bryan hasn’t seen it yet) and to admire the amazing work of amelia lyon!

2.  My current favorites at J. Crew.  I went in today holding a gift card from my dear Natalie and walked out with the most perfect black work pants ever. ever. Clockwise form left: Mom, I think you would look good in this for the wedding :).  I think this would look great on me at the wedding. I need a new pair of Jack Purcells because mine died. Those pants look comfy. 

3. I can’t stop looking at this. The colors are amazing. Seen here.

4. These flowers are gorgeous too. I may just have to add pink to our color palette (Update, Bryan says no… hmm…) . From here.

5. I think this is the perfect thing to go in my hair. Love it. Love the pearls, the feather, everything. 

There you go, my thoughts for the day. More like my thoughts for the week. Next week I promise to have pictures of my finished kids activity books and the save the dates I just finished. Promise. Have a happy weekend 🙂

March 20, 2009   8 Comments


I always tell myself I will do a contest or something fun for my big posts. Well, turns out the veil post was number 500. woo hoo. 🙂 

anyways, this is number 501 (yay!) and it is all about the maids. Kind of.

I am struggling over what to get my bridesmaids. Jewelry? A clutch? If it was me I would want personalized letter-pressed stationary. But that is just me. And apparently not everyone is infatuated with letterpress (I know, I was surprised too).  I’ve got a pretty good list going on my wishpot right about now. You can see it here. Some of my favorite choices right now are…

(buy them here)

(buy it here)

(buy it here)

So many choices… Wishpot is great for making lists like these. I also have lists for me, around the house, things to wear (yes it is all J. Crew, I know 🙂 ). It is good for lists. Although I will say it isn’t the best for using as a wish list/registry type of thing because you have to be a registered member in order to have it pop up that you purchased anything. Or something like that. We will just say that I got the same sweater from both my mother and my future mother in law because one of them wasn’t a registered member so she couldn’t see that it had been bought. Or something like that. Whatever. Basically, it is WONDERFUL for making lists 🙂

March 12, 2009   11 Comments

new year

Dude. I don’t know where you live (and if it somewhere where it gets below zero outside, skip to the next paragraph) but it is flippen freezing outside! Like, less than 50 degrees out freezing. I can’t feel my hands or my toes.  I don’t think it should be allowed to get this cold without at least giving us some snow.  But that is just me 🙂

Ok. So it is a new year 🙂 With the craziness that was the holidays, I kind of put wedding planning on the back burner, and now is the time to start it up again. Here are some things I am thinking about right now.

I need to call florists this week

May be kicking the homemade cookie favor idea to keep us sane. Now what?

Can we do this? And where would we put them?

I need to talk to our reception venue coordinator about brining in my own napkins and or coasters.

Maybe these for my maids?

I like this makeup.

We need to create a cool map

The guy from the gelato company has not gotten back to me in about 2 months. I emailed his boss last week. We have decided to give them until the end of the month to communicate with us. If they don’t (we will be bummed cause a gelato cart would be awesome) we may go this route (which would cost half as much 🙂

See, just a few thoughts 🙂 Also, we have our engagement Encounter weekend this weekend 🙂 Should be fun!

Images from top to bottom: The knot, martha, sws, sws, anthro, ?, mint, Darling Dexter


January 5, 2009   6 Comments

nothing better

Than beautiful jewelry mixed with typography. Gorgeous jewelry by Abigail A. Percy.

December 3, 2008   2 Comments

how i like to start my mornings

with a little bling. Gorgeous pictures and a gorgeous ring. Taken by this guy

In other news, I forgot about our 8 month out mark (Tuesday) so I figure I will give a little update, if for no one other than myself 🙂

Returning two more pairs of shoes to endless.com today, the shoe hunt continues. 
Set up my first alterations appointment for the day after thanksgiving, pretty darn excited to put on my dress again 🙂 Although I just now realized it is the day after thanksgiving… hmm… maybe only 3 pieces of pumpkin pie this year…
Need to go to Paper Source to buy save the date supplies. Gocco screen and ink are all ready to go.
Still putting off flowers… I’ll get to it later…
Started exercising last night… can barely move my legs today…
4 out of 7 girls have purchased their (now on sale) bm dresses, and the flower girl dresses (also on sale, woo woo) have been purchased.
Going to the eye doctor today to get my contact prescription. Not really wedding related but something I am excited for! I have always worn contacts and about a year and a half ago my last pair ripped… I didn’t have health insurance at the time and had just moved out so wearing my glasses was a better option than spending the money on a doctors visit and contacts.  

Ok, enough lists… Happy Thursday 🙂

November 20, 2008   3 Comments


After scouring etsy for BM gift ideas, I now have way too many pictures in my etsy folder. I will slowly but surely post them all!  Here is one necklace I thought was pretty. .

November 6, 2008   No Comments