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(shot by matthew morgan. edited by me)

October 21, 2009   6 Comments

Man Jewelry

Happy Monday 🙂  I want to say a quick thank you to all the girls who have given me awards and such lately. I appreciate all of you guys!  I love seeing all the new blogs pop up. We have definitely hit wedding season and a lot of brides that I follow have gotten married or are getting married, and a whole new batch of bridal bloggers is popping up. If you are a new blogger please leave a comment with a link to your blog, I would love to see it!

So, Bryan’s ring came in the other day!  

We went with a Titanium ring that I bought from Etsy seller Zoe and Doyle. It is a little thinner than this one:

At first I felt weird about buying his ring online.  I would have rather bought it from a well known store, but the selection for mens rings was never very extensive, and their titanium rings cost upwards of $250.  We knew we wanted Titanium, because of how light it is so I went onto etsy and started looking around.  I bought Bryan’s for $60, which I figured was cheap enough that if we got it and it wasn’t good quality, or that if in 3 years he decided he didn’t like it anymore, I could just buy him a new one.  Luckily, it is of great quality and he really seems to like it! Plus it is supporting a person doing what they love, rather than a big box store 🙂  If you are still looking your your guys ring I definitely recommend Zoe and Doyle.  Here are a few more of their rings:

June 7, 2009   16 Comments

Three Ring Bride

If a year ago you would have told me that I would have had 3 engagement rings by the time I got married, I would have laughed. Well… ha. ha. ha. 🙂

Ring #1: The “let’s just get something little so that we can (finally) be officially engaged” ring. 

Ring #2: The “Grandmothers Engagement Ring” ring.

Ring #3: The “We got the Grandmothers Engagement Ring resized, which added to it’s frailty (it was from the 1940’s) and in a cold crazy night of clapping and smacking hands (and therefore rings) together the band broke so we had to get it remade, which meant I got to pick out the setting I wanted while still keeping the diamonds from the Grandmothers Engagement Ring” ring. Whew.

Hope you had a good weekend 🙂

May 3, 2009   19 Comments


So I was set on getting a ring bowl from palomas nest. They are cute, personalized and functional after the wedding. (I forget where I saw it but someone made theirs into an ornament after the wedding!!) And for $30 or so it isn’t a bad price. 

(this one would be perfect for us because my birthday is on St. Patricks day and Bryan is Irish!  From Martha

But then I think about the traditional ring pillow. It would be so easy to make (for my mom… I don’t have a sewing machine yet) and would be cute. But my question for you is, what do you plan on doing with it after the wedding? Do you keep it in a little memories box or something? What do you plan on doing with your? And if you aren’t doing a pillow or a ring bowl, what are you doing?!

January 30, 2009   1 Comment

simply stunning

Check out the rest of the gorgeous wedding shot by Tec Petaja. 

December 11, 2008   1 Comment

too much?

Too much bling for one day? This is the last of it, I promise!  Now that I have this ring, I can’t stop thinking about the wedding band! Here are some of the ones I am looking at, all from Tiffany (only cause they have the best site 🙂 )


December 10, 2008   7 Comments


Is it possible to have too many pictures of my ring? The answer to that question my friends is: no. I love it. It is shiny and gorgeous and filled with the history of a woman on my soon-to-be family tree. Still a tiny bit too big (darn you skinny fingers!) so I may wear my original ring in front of it, but I don’t really like the look of the two together… we shall see. Ok, to the pictures!

I’ll stop now. I know when enough is enough. (Not really cause I am staring at it right now…) 

December 9, 2008   15 Comments

can’t. wait.

I dropped off my newly acquired fiances-grandmothers engagement ring at my jeweler on Saturday and will be able to pick it up, perfectly fitting and perfectly shiny, on wednesday. Now the search for the perfect wedding band begins 🙂 I am loving these two looks.

I love the look of pave (sp?!) diamonds, but the ring has two diamonds on each side of the main on in a channel setting, so I am leaning towards that…

Images: top, bottom

December 8, 2008   6 Comments


All things do happen for a reason. And concerning my ring, the reason was this:

Bryan’s mother recently found his grandmothers engagement ring, and I am honored to be the one to get to wear it! It is a gorgeous ring from the 1940’s (ish) and I love it! It is a little too big (i have tiny fingers!) so we need to get it sized, which is a bummer because I don’t want to take it off! Better pictures later on!

December 4, 2008   6 Comments

how i like to start my mornings

with a little bling. Gorgeous pictures and a gorgeous ring. Taken by this guy

In other news, I forgot about our 8 month out mark (Tuesday) so I figure I will give a little update, if for no one other than myself 🙂

Returning two more pairs of shoes to endless.com today, the shoe hunt continues. 
Set up my first alterations appointment for the day after thanksgiving, pretty darn excited to put on my dress again 🙂 Although I just now realized it is the day after thanksgiving… hmm… maybe only 3 pieces of pumpkin pie this year…
Need to go to Paper Source to buy save the date supplies. Gocco screen and ink are all ready to go.
Still putting off flowers… I’ll get to it later…
Started exercising last night… can barely move my legs today…
4 out of 7 girls have purchased their (now on sale) bm dresses, and the flower girl dresses (also on sale, woo woo) have been purchased.
Going to the eye doctor today to get my contact prescription. Not really wedding related but something I am excited for! I have always worn contacts and about a year and a half ago my last pair ripped… I didn’t have health insurance at the time and had just moved out so wearing my glasses was a better option than spending the money on a doctors visit and contacts.  

Ok, enough lists… Happy Thursday 🙂

November 20, 2008   3 Comments