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rare shots

I got out my camera, as opposed to my iPhone camera, this weekend and shot some close ups with my favorite lens.

One of Declan’s many plaid flannel shirts.


Went shopping for some new work clothes. It felt good (and even better because I found some nice pieces at Old Navy!)




These shoes are on their last leg. (No pun intended…) I eyed these for. ev. er. at Kate Spade and one day I went in and they were on sale. Like, 75% off sale. I had to have them and have been in love with them ever since. It’s been… a few years? I don’t own a lot of shoes so these are in the rotation and are worn to work once a week, sometimes more. They are always complimented, and offer the perfect pop of color when I don’t have time to pick a fun outfit and end up with the black pants, white top, grey sweater uniform. I felt they deserved to always live on in photographs. I don’t know if I will have it in me to ever throw them out.



September 11, 2011   5 Comments

wedding overload

I have had google reader for over a year now (I know, I was totally late to that party) and all the while I star things I like so that I can go back in later to either blog about them or use them for myself. Well it is of no surprise that this once wedding-centered blog has morphed into more of a baby blog as that is what is on my mind most of the time (btw, I am due in 4 days! yikes!!) Sooooo, I went through all of my starred posts and took out the wedding ones and have compiled them all into one big wedding extravaganza for you! I know, very exciting. Although my wedding was a year and a half ago my very good friend Natalie is getting married in June, and on top of that, well, weddings are just fun to look at. Here are some images that I found fun to look at over the last year:

Picture 1

(fun table assignments)

Picture 3

(fun table numbers)

Picture 4

(fun cakes)

Picture 6

(fun dress)

Picture 7

(fun menu idea)

Picture 8

(fun bridal style)

Picture 9

(fun food cart action)

Picture 10

(fun dessert table)

Picture 11

(super fun altar)

Picture 12

(fun signage)

Picture 15

(fun {more like gorgeous} table scape)

January 21, 2011   1 Comment

happy friday!

Happy Friday!  I can not wait for the weekend to begin.  It is supposed to be gorgeous outside! I’ll be at my old high school, soaking up the sun and cheering for our lacrosse team, and then Sunday it will be a Mother’s Day version of our Sunday Dinner. I am thinking brunch for dinner… maybe that is because I am craving French toast right now…  Maybe.

Is anyone signed up for the free decorating class at West Elm this weekend? Does anyone have a great brunch recipe?!

(Don’t you just love this bride’s hair?!)

Picture 1

Picture 2


May 6, 2010   3 Comments

real (converse) wedding

I love this brides style!  Shot by the super talented Matthew Morgan.





















April 14, 2010   4 Comments

real wedding: lisa and rik








rik_lisa-013 rik_lisa-014









(shot by matthew morgan. edited by me)

October 21, 2009   6 Comments

my day: the shoes




(The last shoes were my sisters… I just liked the picture)

I bought my shoes at Bandolino at the Irvine Spectrum, on sale, for $40.

Tip: Buy shoes you love! I wear mine all the time to work now and every time I do I am reminded of our day!

Images by Studio 7.

September 9, 2009   4 Comments

one more day…

I need one more day off. Tomorrow can’t be Monday already… can it? Ugh.  The weekend went by so quickly.  We went up to Ventura for a memorial, had dinner on the pier and then I spent a good portion of today shopping and then eating at my moms house. A weekend full of good things, but a busy one. I now need a day of rest. Let me get to the stuff you are interested in before I bore myself, and you, with more boring details 🙂

Some gorgeous shoes from the one and only J. Crew

And a wedding filled with gorgeous details by the one and only Matthew Morgan.

May 10, 2009   5 Comments

not a secret anymore

(buy them here, saw them here)

April 1, 2009   7 Comments

you know what they say about wednesday

it is hump day.

you know, cause it is in the middle of the week.


I may have to check out these shoes (via High Street Love) at payless today…

I love me some Lela Rose, but to be completely honest, some of her payless line shoes are really uncomfortable.  I wonder how the designers decide what things to sell at payless or target and which ones to sell a Neiman’s. I mean, do they design something fabulous and then say “oh this one is for payless? ok lets remove the pretty bow and stick on a little ribbon thing, and take out the comfort strip” or do they have nothing to do with the design and rather just sign their name to something that some beginner designer drew up?  I wonder.

Also, a new save the date I just designed for a bride whose theme is black and white stripes and green 🙂

I am loving this bridal shoot over at Evoke Photography.

March 25, 2009   6 Comments

so close

So close it hurts people. J. Crew, grey peep toes with a bow! If only it wasn’t orange…. sigh.

(Buy them here, first seen here)

February 26, 2009   8 Comments