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and the obsession continues

with EmersonMade that is. Adding to what I listed here, I want need these shoes.



October 28, 2010   2 Comments

wish list

This is on my holiday wish list.

Picture 2


October 27, 2010   1 Comment

wish list

Christmas time is rolling around again (ok, it isn’t even Halloween yet… but go with me here!), and these tapes and lovely dispenser are on the top of my list!



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October 14, 2009   4 Comments

the chosen destination…

We debated between Vancouver, Ireland, even Vail. But in the end a road trip to San Francisco and Napa came out on top.  Why? Why go somewhere on our honeymoon that both of us have been to before, together?  Lots of reasons. We love San Francisco. And although we have been twice before, this time will be different. This time I want to be there as someone who knows the city (even though I don’t).  I want to grab a sandwich at the local deli, buy fresh fruit at the farmers market, and stop in little shops that aren’t visible from the Trolley. 

I don’t want to have to “see” anything (except maybe a quick stop into Hello Lucky 🙂 ) I just want to be there, relax and enjoy the city with my new husband. 

And Napa? Well, who can say no to gourmet packed lunches, wine and seeing more of this gorgeous state?! Needless to say, we are super excited. (Did you hear that mom? SUPER excited 😉 ) 

But we do need your help.  I want to know the best places to go in San Francisco. Whether you live there or just frequent it once in a while, I want to know what you do on your Sunday in the city.  Where do you eat on your date nights, what stores do you like to pop into on your lunch break?  

For those who have an opinion on Napa, any favorite (or not so favorite) wineries? Museums? Places to go for a quite picnic with a loved one?

Thanks in advance 🙂  And I also want to thank everyone who gave suggestions for Vancouver from when I posted this. We will go one day, and I will come back to those comments and love them 🙂

Both pictures by me. The second one was taken with this camera. Ohhh while I was getting that link I spotted this beauty.  Christmas list… this one is for you!

April 28, 2009   23 Comments


… yes please.

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December 8, 2008   No Comments

ha – wish list

(buy here) (where did i first see this? No clue… but it is awesome)

October 30, 2008   3 Comments

wish list

Seeing how Christmas is coming up, I have decided to start a wish list. And who better to start it off but Ms. Martha herself.


*Disclaimer: This is a wish list, as in I don’t really expect to get any of this. I am not a greedy person, just a compulsive shopper 😉  With the economy the way it is (crappy) this Holiday season will be filled with family, love, great food, and handmade gifts 🙂 Which I do anyways, except this year instead of looking cheap I will look like I am accommodating to these hard times very well 🙂

October 29, 2008   No Comments